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The Use of Stayed Suspensions in Disciplinary Proceedings is a Definite Thing

Blogs start with the best intentions but often move to the back burner and then fall off the stove altogether! Mine is no different. However, the good news is that I have both a renewed commitment to this Blog and a new assistant to help with the labor (more about

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Adopts New Disciplinary Rule Including Discrimination as Misconduct

On June 8, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court approved adoption of Rule 8.4(g) broadening the definition of misconduct to include the following:

g) in the practice of law, by words or conduct, knowingly manifest bias or prejudice, or engage in harassment or discrimination, as those terms are defined in applicable

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Limited License For 2020 Law Grads

Very Big News from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania was posted on the The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania website this afternoon! Candidates for the postponed July 2020 Bar Exam will now be eligible for a temporary “limited license” permitting them to practice under the “direct and ongoing” supervision

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Keep Calm and Carry On: Ethics in a Time of Stress

For many of us, our practices take us into the lives of our clients at times of great stress. Whether it is criminal trouble, professional licensing trouble, matrimonial trouble, or business trouble, legal trouble is painful and all-consuming. Guiding clients through these troubled waters to land, at least relatively safely,

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Risky Business: Fee Agreements, Bank Accounts and Record Keeping Requirements Under the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct or What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Sleepless nights are a criminal defense attorney’s lot in life, full of worry about all the things that can and do go wrong in the high-stakes work of protecting individual liberty. But there is one more thing you should be worried about: your office’s compliance with the Pennsylvania Rules of

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’Tis the Season—To Extend a Hand to Your Fellow Professional

Attorneys experience problematic drinking, drug use and mental health distress at a higher rate than other professionals. As the holiday season shifts into high gear, take a moment to check in on your mental and emotional well-being and—while you are at it—check up on your partners and colleagues also.

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